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Holly Heights App

Player: Keri
Age: old32
Personal Journal: [personal profile] kseda
Contact Info: AIM - mirzath, or [plurk.com profile] keriseda

NOTE: This app is based on this one.

Characters Name: DG
Age: not stated in canon, we'll go with 21
Canon Point: Roughly six months post-canon, if this is cool. Tin Man ends on a truly ridiculous and abrupt note and I'd like a little bit of a buffer. If it's NOT cool then I can swing end-of-series.
Species: human
Gender: female
Orientation: I believe she'd be okay with either, with a lean towards hetero. Canon does not touch on her sexuality at all, she's too busy saving the world, and while I headcanon that she's had a boyfriend in the past I also think she hasn't really examined who or what she's attracted to that closely and so is open to options.

History: Behold Tin Man's tragic wiki page and have some expounding to make up for it:

DG was born the youngest daughter of the Queen of the Outer Zone, an impetuous princess with magical powers and a knack for getting in over her head. She was doted on by her mother, and her older sister Azkadellia was her best friend in the world. The two princesses were inseparable, taking magic lessons and going on "adventures" together which sometimes resulted in some form of trouble. Like wandering into the woods to pick apples and finding themselves fending off a bear, as you do.

One such adventure began when DG heard what sounded like a child crying, and persuaded her sister to investigate with her. They followed the sound to a cave, but the helpless child turned out to be a Witch bent on using the sisters' magic to free herself. With their combined power they were able to hold her off, until a terrified DG let go of her sister and ran away. The Witch took possession of Azkadellia and not long after that killed DG, who was resurrected by the queen at the expense of her magic.

It was determined that the only way to ensure DG's safety would be to shroud her memories with magic and send her to the Otherside, where she grew up on a small Kansas farm with no knowledge of her true identity. She was cared for by two robots (who appeared and behaved totally human) named Hank and Emily, who were programmed to love and protect her until such time as she was ready to return home. They told her nursery rhymes and fairy tales which were actually stories of the O.Z. and her destiny. Fifteen years later DG began having dreams of a woman with lavender eyes warning her that a storm was coming.

Back in the O.Z. Azkadellia, having deposed her mother and well on her way to destroying the world, is made aware of a threat to her power on the Otherside. She sent her best men to dispose of this threat, but instead they brought DG and her "parents" back to the O.Z. In short order DG met a headcase named Glitch, a tin man named Cain, and an empathic Viewer called Raw. They set off to search for DG's parents, but soon found themselves on a journey to save the world.

Over the course of this adventure DG formed a deep bond of friendship with her traveling companions, as they saved eachother's lives and helped one another recover missing parts of their identity. She also discovered the truth about her past, and her role in her sister's possession. Spurred on by the need to make amends, she used her new found memories (and some good old-fashioned Power of Love) to rescue Azkadellia, defeat the Witch, and return light to the O.Z.

In the months following the eclipse, DG has reconnected with her family, worked on her magic, and learned a great deal about her homeland. Things have not been easy but she has accepted her place in the world and is happy to have finally found where she belonged.

Appearance: Little dog not included.

Growing up in Kansas, DG always believed that there was something more out there, that she was missing out on something fundamental in her life. She is an artist and a dreamer, fascinated by the beautiful and fantastic. Her restless spirit craved freedom, and she frequently found escape flying along the highways on her motorcycle or through sketching and painting. According to her mother's adviser she inherited the traits of being "feisty, but fair" from the queen. She got her artistic talents from her father, but it seems her mechanical skills are all her own.

She has a tendency to be both headstrong and impulsive, with a reckless streak that leads her to act first and question later. On more than one occasion she literally charged into a dangerous situation with nothing but a sturdy stick and some righteous indignation to defend herself with. DG also takes risks on people, is willing to give anyone a chance, and, hating to be underestimated herself, will usually stick up for the underdog. She can have problems with authority figures; while she is likely to at least listen to someone more knowledgeable than she is, she is unlikely to give respect unless it is earned.

Her sense of humor is a bit muted and sarcastic, she's hardly a cut-up but will make the obvious smart remark. She uses humor as a defense mechanism to diffuse a situation, laughing in the face of danger as a show of bravado. It helps that she is highly adaptable and able to accept things - from guys with zippers on their heads claiming to have only half-a-brain to finding out that she's the magical princess of a fairyland - in her stride.

Speaking of being a princess: while she did readily take up the role in order to save her sister and her new found home, in a dream conversation with her mother she identified herself as a waitress and part-time student. It's highly unlikely she'll claim the title outside the O.Z., as to her princesses mean poofy Disney gowns and not Kansas farmgirls with mud on their sneakers, engine grease on their overalls, and paint on their hands.

DG tends to call things as she sees them, and isn't afraid to use blunt honesty to get her point across. She is not deliberately cruel, however, and would do anything to aid, protect, and comfort those she loves, both friends and especially family. Family - whether a blood relation or someone she's claimed as such - is the most important thing in the world to her, and she will sometimes put loyalty to her family before sense and reason.

Abilites: DG's a (good) witch, and while it would take years of training for her to reach her full potential there's evidence she could be extremely powerful. Eventually. For magical powers seen in canon, she was able to use a form of telekinesis, create a protective barrier, and restore plant life from dead to fruitful in moments.

As for general humany things, DG is fairly agile and athletic: her escape from the munchkins involved swinging from a hanging cage onto a suspension bridge, then climbing down a rope. She also has some impressive strength and durability, as she survived jumping off a cliff into a river and, upon being thrown from a balcony, was able to catch herself, hang on, and haul herself to safety. Her artistic talents include both sketching and painting, and she's a reliable mechanic. Also she can ride a motorcycle like a bat out of hell.

Other: Nothing I can think of!

First Person: From [community profile] ataraxion: A network post and posts she tagged into.

Third Person:
DG's tiara was crooked. It was her first state reception, and the first bit of pageantry the royal family had hosted since the eclipse, and for the past half hour she'd felt the tiara slip by tiny increments toward the left side of her head. Each curtsy and bob of her head brought it closer to disaster, and she was helpless to do anything but smile and greet the next courtier to offer their thanks and congratulations.

She suspected it was because she didn't move delicately enough. Her lady-in-waiting had cautioned her to be gentle as she'd pinned the intricate diamond and pearl diadem to the pile of dark curls DG's hair had been coaxed into, and the young princess had snorted in response. Gentle? Meek? Dainty? Nope, not her style. She'd tried, of course, but nature (and gravity) was winning out.

One more awkward curtsy would likely be the end of it, and her smile for the next member of court (Lady Kesssomething of Flusomewhere) was strained. Oh God this was going to be awful and humiliating and there had to be a way out of--

"It is my honor and pleasure to meet you, your highness," the lady said and executed a perfect genuflection.

DG took a deep breath, but instead of returning the gesture she thrust out her hand. "Pleasure's all mine."

Lady Keswhatever stared at the hand in confusion, then up to DG's face. The princess tried to make her smile more encouraging, and cast a glance up toward her precariously perched headpiece, hoping her predicament was obvious. Mercifully the lady smiled, nodded, and accepted the handshake.

Thus the tiara was saved, and the handshake was soon enthusiastically embraced by the women of the court who were eager to emulate the hero of the realm.

Housing Request?: None!
Did you read the rules and FAQ?: Absolutely!

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