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Your name: Keri
Your personal LJ: kseda
Who do you currently play at Tabula Rasa?: Charlie Crews and Vislor Turlough
Please list the dates of your participation requirement threads or posts for each pup for the two previous calendar months:
Crews: 6/6; 6/28; 6/29; 7/14 (EP)
Turlough: 6/4 (EP); 6/26; 7/13; 7/24 (EP);

Have you dropped any pup since your last application? No.
What month and year is this application for?: August 2008

Your character's name: DG
Your character's canon: Tin Man
What type of canon is it: TV (mini)series
Your character's LJ: travelsbystorm
Is your character living or dead at their time of entry?: Living.
Does your character have any pre-existing disabilities of a medical, physical, or psychiatric nature?: None.

Tell us about your character's background:
DG was born the youngest daughter of the Queen of the Outer Zone, an impetuous princess with magical powers and a knack for getting in over her head. She was doted on by her mother, and her older sister Azkadellia was her best friend in the world. The two princesses were inseparable, taking magic lessons and going on "adventures" together which sometimes resulted in some form of trouble.

One such adventure began when DG heard what sounded like a child crying, and persuaded her sister to investigate with her. They followed the sound to a cave, but the helpless child turned out to be a Witch bent on using the sisters' magic to free herself. With their combined power they were able to hold her off, until a terrified DG let go of her sister and ran away, an act which she has never forgiven herself for. The Witch took possession of Azkadellia and not long after that killed DG, who was resurrected by the queen at the expense of her magic.

It was determined that the only way to ensure DG's safety would be to shroud her memories with magic and send her to the Otherside, where she grew up on a small Kansas farm with no knowledge of her true identity. She was cared for by two robots, or nurture units, who were programmed to love and protect her until such time as she was ready to return home. They told her nursery rhymes and fairy tales which were actually stories of the O.Z. and her destiny. Fifteen years later DG began having dreams of a woman with lavender eyes warning her that a storm was coming.

Back in the O.Z. Azkadellia, having deposed her mother and well on her way to destroying the world, is made aware of a threat to her power on the Otherside. She sent her best men to dispose of this threat, but instead they brought DG and her "parents" back to the O.Z. In short order DG met a headcase named Glitch, a tin man named Cain, and an empathic Viewer called Raw. They set off to search for DG's parents, but soon found themselves on a journey to save the world.

DG leaves canon from part 3, just after escaping the tomb the Sorceress had trapped her in.

Your character's personality:
DG always believed that there was something more out there, that she was missing out on something fundamental in her life. She is an artist and a dreamer, forever fascinated by the beautiful and fantastic. Her restless spirit craved freedom, and she frequently found escape flying along the Kansas highways on her motorcycle or sketching on a swing in her backyard. According to her mother's advisor she inherited the traits of being "feisty, but fair" from the queen. She got her artistic talents from her father, but it seems her mechanical skills are all her own.

She has a tendency to be both headstrong and impulsive, with a reckless streak that leads her to act first and question later. DG takes risks on people, is willing to give anyone a chance and, hating to be underestimated herself, she will always stick up for the underdog. She has a problem with authority figures and is unlikely to give respect unless it is earned. This is due to having been given very few boundaries while growing up, her foster parents allowing her to push until they folded. To them, her destiny was more important than any rules or laws, and she was permitted to get away with much.

Her sense of humor is a bit muted and sarcastic, she's hardly a cut-up but will make the obvious smart remark. She uses humor as a defense mechanism to diffuse a situation, laughing in the face of danger as a show of bravado. Because of her lack of boundaries DG is blunt and calls things like she sees them, with little forethought on how her words will affect people.

She is not deliberately cruel, however, and would do anything to aid, protect, and comfort those she loves, both friends and especially family. Family is the most important thing in the world to her, and she will sometimes put loyalty to her family before sense and reason. DG does not play favorites; this love encompasses the family she was born into, the one she was given, and the one she has chosen for herself.

Why do you want to play this character?:
To get flung into a demented fantasy world once is unfortunate. To have it happen twice in a week smacks of carelessness. Her situation is different from that of the current Tin Man pups in that she comes from their canon's darkest moment. Her status quo involves Azkadellia being possessed, Cain and Glitch as grudging allies in world-saving, and Zero as an ever-looming threat. She will have to adjust to all of the changed relationships on the Island, especially between herself and her sister.

It will be intriguing to play out the role reversal between the princesses. The Azkadellia of her memories is a wise and loving older protector, and now DG finds herself playing that part. The specter of the Sorceress still haunts her, and having time with innocent young Az gives DG a chance to redeem herself for her greatest failing.

Beyond that, life on the Island would give her a chance to come to terms with all she has discovered about herself and build a life of her own. Her mechanical skills can be useful to the population at large, as will her willingness to jump in and help if she feels she's needed. DG will have a home at the Homestead, a wedding to plan for her friends (once she gets over the initial shock that they're even in a relationship), and possibly a pet project in trying to redeem Zero.

She has a lot of built in plot, potential for a lot more, and I love her to bits.