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Threadhopping - If the thread is open, go for it. If it's open but looks like serious business, check first.
Backtagging - Oh sweet Zoltan yes, as I am slow as a sloth riding a turtle going the wrong way on an escalator anyway
Hugging/smooching/casual physical contact - Totally fine, she's a hugger.
~Flirting~ - It can be tried, she's a little oblivious which is always fun.
Shipping and Smut - I am down for shipping! However I'm one of those people who can't write porn, sorry. That said, I am not at all opposed to her getting laid given proper development.
Arguing - With the snarky snot nosed brat? Yes.
Maiming/injuring/horrors - If plot calls for it I'm down and we'll discuss deets.
Fourth Walling - Yeah sure. DG grew up in Kansas and found herself transported via tornado to a place called the O.Z. where she hung out with these guys needing a brain, a heart, and some courage (and another guy who was sometimes a terrier). They met a wizard, found an emerald, melted a witch, and discovered that their missing bits were ~within them all along~. Also DG stands for "Dorothy Gale". Who was her great-great-great-granny. So while not many characters would be familiar with Tin Man itself that's still a pretty iconic story which a whole bunch of people know by heart.

I sort of figure that in Tin Man's universe there are no Oz books or movies, that entire corner of pop culture just doesn't exist. The books are an actual history and "Dorothy was real" and all of that. I could tl;dr for ages but suffice to say any and all Oz-related jokes will go straight over DG's head.